Clodagh stole my heart from the moment she was born and refused to give it back.  She really did choose us!  Upon arrival, Clodagh burst through her own birth sac and began to crawl across the bed.  She was gutsy and intrepid from the get-go. 


Clodagh is named Nettle's Mettle in honour of her grandmother, Ballyfoyle Nettle.  It should come as no surprise that we'll continue to Pupdate Clodagh's progress, with photos.  


If Sky is a moody blue with an old soul, then Clodagh is the light to her shade.  Consistently cheerful, she has never really tested the boundaries during the Terrible Twos, as Sky briefly did.  My family call her Skylight.   

Clodagh is extremely affectionate with a ridiculously soft nature.  She particularly loves children.  The little things.  She expresses gratitude by wagging her tail and gently licking you, even if you're just opening the door to let her out.  She has to thank you again when she returns, blissfully happy and wearing a leaf fascinator.  She is grateful for everything.

Clodagh began mousing in the garden at six months old and successfully dismantled a nest first play, one baby mouse at a time.  She is fascinated by anything that moves and all garden dwellers are considered fair game.  We would have loved one of Sky's first litter to be a working dog.  But no one approached us for a puppy...


That legendary Glen courage has been slow to show itself, truth be told.  Then again, Clodagh does give that noisy, scary Hoover monster what-for - from the safety of her mother's side!  Her frequent tendency to roll in fox poo has earned her the dubious moniker Clodagh the Unpleasant Odour.  It must be a Wheaten thing!




Date of Birth:            



PRA (crd-3) status:   


Registered with the UK KENNEL CLUB

Registered with Glen Footprints

Teamhrach Nettle's Mettle (Clodagh)

Rock Buster at Romainville

Ballyclare Sky

19 January 2018

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier



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