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Hard to believe that the pups are now one week old.  It's been emotional!  Sky is eating for eight and the little tykes ensure she gets not a moment's peace.  They are already giving their poor mum the runaround, with one or two showing nomadic tendencies.  All of them are feisty and full of beans.  They have begun to explore the whelping pen and personalities are starting to emerge.  Check out this little butterball and her siblings:  


Seven pairs of inquisitive eyes greeted me yesterday morning for the first time, and much has changed in two weeks.  The pups are now more mobile and are happy to leave mum for short periods.  Sky has plenty of "me-time" and enjoyed her bath the other day.  Obviously, she is a yummy mummy!  I get the impression that she will be glad when it's weaning time soon, as feeding seven greedy little mouths is a full-time job.  Latest photos here.

Aren't Glen of Imaal terriers extraordinary?  They have the enormous head and heart of a faithful hound, with all the spark and character of a trusty terrier.  Seeing so many at such close quarters has been a rare privilege.  We are particularly taken with the two brindle males, having never seen a brindle Glen before.  Whilst their faces are quite dark, they have some white markings and seem to be a wonderful mix of the wheaten and blue.  All the puppies are surprising and unique.  There is something very special about holding a tiger by the tail.  

We are weaning!  At four weeks old, all seven pups have a greedy appetite and noisily devour their bowls of James Wellbeloved® Puppy Junior food.  Sky is relieved, although I sense disappointment that there is nothing left for her to hoover up when she returns from her daily meander.  She also enjoys the Purina® Beta® Puppy dry food, which Purina® kindly sent us to try.  Their website has useful advice about feeding and dogs.


Sky is still a doting mum and is very playful with her brood, which is just as well with seven hyperactive troublemakers to entertain.  Watching them interact with her and each other is a joy to behold, folks.  Difficult to capture in a photo, but 'Puppy! The Movie'  is currently in production!

We are teething!  The puppies are slightly bemused by their new toys and still prefer to chew on each other.  Glens are notoriously mouthcentric, so I don't expect it will take long for those toys to be "terrier-ised"!  Photographic evidence to follow.

Meanwhile, the first stages of toilet training have yielded mixed results:

Puppy! The Movie has its world premiere tonight!  We probably should have called it 'Donnybrook in the Puppy Pen'!  Did I mention that all puppies are feisty and full of beans?  Enjoy!

The Magnificent Seven are now seven weeks old.  They are without exception mucky pups and have enjoyed several quick baths.  Navigating this steep learning curve has taught us much for the next litter, not least to build a bigger pen if you have puppies in winter; and remove dew claws at three days old for working dogs!

No film or photo can capture how downright soppy and affectionate the puppies are.  They all thrive on human contact, which is typical of the breed.  My efforts are amply rewarded on a daily basis with waggy tails and a whole lot of puppy love.  Perhaps Puppy! The Movie Part II will give you a taste.

Phase II of the Puppy Pen is currently underway, with Capon K9 Constructions narrowly clinching the contract once again.  The little terrors are going stir crazy and have become very curious about the world beyond the kitchen.  Two escapees are repeat offenders, having clearly inherited a predilection for inappropriate climbing from their mother.  The completed extension should make toilet training a less remote possibility.  A comprehensive report on their progress will follow - with photos!

Watch out world, here they come!

We are eight weeks old!  I have given the puppies "The Talk" and explained how important their performance is during this next crucial stage.  I've told everyone that Glens are intelligent and quick to learn, so the entire existence of this rare and overlooked breed now rests on their broad shoulders.  No pressure then!

An impressive start: FOUR of them have just used the litter tray.  Four!  Technically it was four and a half, but I'll spare you the details.  And it's only the second day.  I strongly suspect we have Glens with a potentially genius-level IQ.


We have more toys and one new puppy collar! 


It transpires that Glens are even smarter than I thought, as the puppies prefer to bypass the litter tray altogether and proceed directly to the gardenSky did an excellent job at rounding them up for me when we enjoyed a recent warm, sunny day.  It was more like herding cats!  The puppies have also discovered that the litter tray makes a comfy bed and playpen just after they have used it, proving yet another talent for multitasking.  

Spring has sprung at last, which has meant more garden time for the puppies.  So we have new photos and film: one of Sky trying to teach them how to play ball; and one of Sky leading them around the garden like Night With Her Train of Stars

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