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This website will tell you much about who we are.  We're the sort of people who send cards to and from the dog.  And our sofa is no longer our sofa.  So pop your slippers on and have yourself a leisurely peruse.  Start at Home.  Most things usually do. 


In a pistachio-shell, we love our dogs.  And we care passionately for this extraordinary and often misunderstood rare native breed.  We both share the desire to conserve and understand our natural world.   And we firmly believe all animals deserve our empathy and respect.

That said, we are the first to acknowledge that Glens are comical.  The addition of bunny ears, bandanas or an occasional festive jumper is funny.  It just is.  The first rule of Glen ownership is that we can laugh at them.  The second rule is to strenuously defend them, should an outsider have the temerity to do the same.

My first spoken word was horse.  I have a profound love for the entire equine family and hope one day to rekindle it properly. 


I was privileged to work with a horse whisperer as a teenager.  She helped me discover the compassion and patience required for a pony, so head-shy from abuse, it had taken weeks before he would let me put his bridle on.  The overwhelming sense of pure trust, as Jake finally lowered his head next to mine, stays with me forever. 


So does the day I was able to ride him around the paddock, without reins and in full control, whilst he seemed to obey my commands through telepathy.  An incredible, life-affirming moment.  The lessons learned, not least about tuning in to another point of view, were invaluable.      


We only have Clodagh and Florence for now.  But we intend to gradually expand our small family.  There is no rush.  We run on Glen time.

LAXEY MANX TARTAN | Wool Blanket owned by Jo Tait |



For    Jake


©Jo Capon 2016 | Achallagan, Braaid
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