Pupdates | Spring 2020 |



We send Séamus, Chief and Brahn our heartfelt love on their special day - the 5th of June - and hope they enjoy celebrating it.  


I've Got A Feeling that Florence will have A Day In The Life, with plenty of hugs and a few more treats than usual.  They are the Fab Four and I'm rolling with it.  This would all work better if she were called Lucy, Eleanor or Rita.  And we had Beagles instead of Glen of Imaal terriers.  Throw me a bone here.

What a Magical Mystery Tour we embarked on, one year ago today.  Why, it seems like only Yesterday.  Were we all in a Yellow Submarine, Jo?  No of course we weren't.  Don't be silly. 


The 2021 Pupdates should convey just how magical and joyful it all was, with an abundance of adorable puppy photos worth a revisit. 


Florence | Ringo arrived first.  Small in stature, big in personality; she is quirky and hilarious.  Florence dances to the beat of her own drum.  We can just picture her partying with Keith Moon at Tara House in 1971.


Séamus | George: Shy and thoughtful, we fondly remember gentle Dub Dub chasing his first butterfly in the garden.  Something in the way he moves, perhaps - For You Blue.   

Chief | Paul: Bright and cheerful and very cheeky, harmonious Chief is also an enthusiastic gardener.  He loves his walks come Rain or shine.  Here Comes The Sun, baby.  

Brahn | Lennon:  Charismatic, mischievous and too clever by half, Brahn is the instigator of a Revolution all right.  Angelic when sleeping, but trouble with a capital T whilst awake.  Imagine how dull the world would be without him.

Clodagh: Her Majesty is most definitely the Fifth Beatle!  She was devoted to her first litter and still mothers her daughter.  She seems ready for another.  That tricky second album!  No idea when yet.  I'll keep you posted.

We hope to get the band back together with a reunion later this year.  Venue suggestions gratefully received.  Send me a postcard, drop me a line.  And remember: Happiness Is A Warm Glen.  All You Need Is Love...

James Cabourne
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5 June 2022 - Norfolk, UK



Pupdates | Spring 2020 |


Hello lovely Glen-loving folk!  And a warm WELCOME new Waiting List dwellers!


We were asked in January for some names from our list - by a reputable UK breeder - and were happy to pass a few on.  I am delighted to report that we know of two elated humans who are now each the proud owner of a rare and precious Glen puppy.


Apologies if you have emailed and are still waiting for a reply.  You are on the list.  Annoyingly, I've been hampered by an old tendon injury to my right hand.


We still prefer to accommodate UK-based interest - sorry to all our Glen friends across the pond and beyond - which also shortens the waiting list a little.

We are tentatively planning a second-and-last litter with Clodagh.  Perhaps later this year.  I'll keep you posted.

SkyClodagh and Florence are full of the joys of spring.  They have all benefitted from wonky haircuts, which are a work in progress.  The general wonkiness is mostly due to their inability to keep still (Florence); and a limited tolerance for scissors being brandished about the face area (Sky and Clodagh).


Beach Buster recently enjoyed a fabulous break exploring the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.  A big THANK YOU to Tina for the tremendous photos.

And my, how Dub Dub has grown!  Many thanks to Kim for the exquisite portrait of Séamus at ten months old.




Some upcoming EVENTS:

Friday 6th May 2022 | Stafford Showground

The EFG 2022 Open Show will be held in conjunction with The National Championship Show.  A terrific opportunity to meet a gorgeous gaggle of gregarious Glens and their humans.  Or perhaps a chance to show off your own unique and beautiful Glen.

More information here: 



28th-29th May 2022 | DOG FEST | Ragley Hall, Warwickshire

A festival - with dogs!  What's not to love?  Go and play Spot The Glen.

Or take your own - they might be the first Glen someone will ever meet.

28th-29th May 2022 | GOODWOOF | The Kennels, Chichester, West Sussex

Promising a grand celebration of all things dog, in the grounds of the Goodwood Estate.  Expect to see vaguely familiar faces off the telly milling about.  And Spaniels.  Lots of Spaniels.  And Barkour - the canine equivalent of Parkour - where dogs will apparently defy gravity on a course designed by the Mission Impossible stunt guy.


It all sounds jolly good fun, although the event may be Mission Im-paws-ible for some: Thirty five Great British pounds will buy you one ticket for one day for one human.  Dogs go free.