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Here we are in February and still the snow is a no-show for poor Clodagh!  At one year old, she has yet to experience the proper white stuff.  Very envious of her Sister!  Clodagh compensates by rolling in the early morning frost instead.  And bird poo!  Last week we progressed to fox poo, which required a tertiary bath.  She was known as Clodagh the Unpleasant Odour for days afterwards.  

Sky has wintered a little too well, mostly due to scoffing Clodagh's puppy kibble when our backs were turned!  Her diet is much easier to maintain now they eat the same food.  Both dogs have always treated their kibble with slight indifference, like cats, and never wolf it down.  Unless we serve up a novel taste sensation around worming time!  A laid-back Glen's diet will require adjusting to accommodate less exercise.

Sky and Clodagh both enjoyed making another new friend last month.  We had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Lando and his wonderful family: Amy, Paul and Cali.  A beautiful Wheaten terrier, Lando appreciated some quality terrier-time with two Glens.  They loved playing rough and tumble together.  Clodagh also made a special friend in Cali, and they shared many cuddles!

The promise of Spring encourages optimism, and the quince blossom and crocus are a welcome sight.  We appreciate our woodland walks, with snowdrops and bright sunshine to warm those winter bones.  I shall keep you updated with our exciting puppy plans for the year ahead.


The Promise of Spring | Jo Capon 2019 |


A change of scene, as Sky and The Blonde have just spent a few days down East London way.  Bedfords Park in Essex was a revelation.  It boasts acres of park and woodland to suit any discerning doggy, with a nice Visitors' Centre and shop.  It also provides easy access and clean loos - always a bonus!  There were ample, conveniently spaced benches-with-views.  And bins!  So really no excuse for all that dog poo underfoot, folks.

It goes without saying that both girls made a whole heap of new friends.  They were very taken with a delightful Scottish deerhound.  As were we!  So much so, that we rudely forgot to ask his name.  Sorry to his lovely owners, whose names also escaped our curiosity.


We were thrilled for Sky and Clodagh to finally meet their cousin Loki.  A Northern Inuit dog, he is rather magnificent and very wolfy!  They can seem a bit aloof and require firm handling.  But, despite towering over our two, Loki was the perfect gentleman all day.  The three of them thoroughly enjoyed their walk together.  




that some Spring bulbs and plants can be harmful to dogs?  Worth noting, as Glens tend to investigate everything with their mouth!  Watch out for: Daffodil, HyacinthLily and Tulip bulbs.  Also avoid: Amaryllis, Azaleas, Chrysanthemums Foxgloves and Ivy 

Begonias, Ferns, Gerbera Daisies, Roses and Sunflowers are all fine, as are fragrant herbs like Lavender. | Spring 2019 | Spring 2019



TO WORM YOUR GLEN REGULARLY for everything, including lungworm


Glens view snails as delicious gobstoppers.  And slugs are just juicy chewing gum, to be deposited on the carpet for bare feet to find of a morning.  Lovely!


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