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Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat at Romainville

Born: 19|01|2018

Sire:  Rock Buster at Romainville

Dam: Ballyclare Sky

PRA (crd-3) status: Clear

D | B



Bumbling BertieSky's star!  We are very excited by this dog's prospects.  He is now in the best possible hands at Romainville, where Kathy George can bring him on.  We hope he will realise his true potential and shine bright.

A beautiful dog.  We blame the parents!  And we can't wait to hear how he gets on. 

Bumbling Bertie is looking good!  He has established himself within the Glen hierarchy at Romainville and gets on very well with his Daddy, Rock Buster.  Kathy is chuffed to bits and Bertie looks pretty pleased with himself too!  He has been enjoying his daily terrier-time in his own vast acreage of garden and orchard; and he is not short of playmates or partners in crime either!

Congratulations are in order!  Kathy took Bertie to the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show recently...and he WON BEST PUPPY in his class!  Well of course he did!  Only seven months old and already a champion.  This means that Bertie has qualified for Crufts in 2019!  

Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat |

Overachiever Bertie has done Team Tara proud once again!  He landed a fantastic FIRST PLACE in the Junior Dog class at the EFG, on 27 April 2019!  The show was judged by Mr Colin Powell and his Show Critique read as follows:

JD (1) 1st.  George.  TEAMHRACH ROCK STEADY BEAT.  Wheaten dog with good bone and substance to him.  Strong for a young age.  Good in head, eyes and ears; correct bite.  Strong neck and broad shoulders.  Rib well sprung.  Muscular thighs.  Moves out well.  Needed a bit more coat.

Congratulations to Kathy George and all of her beautiful Romainville Glens!



TEAMHRACH ROCK STEADY BEAT at Romainville | 2019 |



Glen of Imaal Terrier AT STUD | Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat at Romainville | November 2020 | Image thanks to Kathy George |


Bertie with Kathy George

November 2020

Glen of Imaal Terrier AT STUD | Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat at Romainville | Image thanks to Kathy George


Summer 2022

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