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And a cheery hello for all the new arrivals on our Waiting List.


If you have emailed me in the past six months:


Don't worry, you are on the list.  I am not ignoring you.  My reply is slowly winging its way in your general direction.  Carried in the beak of a migrating bird, it probably hovers somewhere over the wetlands of Norfolk. There is no rush.  We run on Glen time.


We also thank our lovely followers for your company this year.  What a pleasure it has been to share the Glen love with you.  We're immensely grateful for your feedback and encouragement. 

Massive love and THANKS too, for Team Tara  Our small Glen family gradually expands.  We've enjoyed all your Pupdates and photos.  And we're thrilled to see how happy and loved the puppies are.


A big shout out to Eilish, Millie and Twix in beautiful County Monaghan, Ireland.  Something to warm your heart and insulate your soul from winter's chill:



Sky 🎅 Wooden Advent Calendar 🎄 🐾
Clodagh 🎅 Wooden Advent Calendar 🐾


A tall tale to tell, from County Monaghan.  About a short wee doggy.  Part Gypsy.  Part Glen.  With the bark of a hound and the face of a Cairn, he was sturdy and cute; and quick to learn.  

He wandered 'twix and 'tween, as nomads do.  From town to the shores of Lough Muckno.  He dined on kindness and sausages; the village kept him safe.  Eager children fed him sandwiches at the school gates.

Poor Twix seemed destined to forever roam.  Until he found Eilish and Millie - his forever home!  Twelve years young, Twix now wears a tracker.  But he doesn’t venture far, with such a loving family to come back to.



24 December 2021 - Norfolk, UK


Pine Cone 4



All the leaves are brown.  And Sky is grey.


Summer is so last season!  It's been quite a year, with the promise of more fun to come.  Now that Clodagh's beautiful puppies are settled in their forever homes, we can enjoy basking in the reflected happiness they bring.

The void they leave behind is filled by our own precious new arrival.  Like many of the patient, Glen-loving folk on our Waiting List, we spent years dreaming of a homebred, brindle or blue female to join our family.  Florence is just delightful and we're over the moon.  Clodagh's baby and Sky's star.

Clodagh and Sky both welcome the return to a new normal!  


Speaking of which - for those seeking a dog-friendly hotel break - check out the Bike and Boot in Scarborough.  The hotel claims to have more front than the town itself, with the breathtaking Yorkshire Coast on its doorstep!  They also offer a dog-grooming service.  Sounds marvellous.


Thanks to Kathy George for the terrific photo of Bertie AKA Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat at RomainvilleSky's boy has grown into the most gorgeous, ginormous teddy bear.  What an absolute rock star.

CONGRATULATIONS to Wendy Tobijanski and Ch Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor.  As the prefixed name suggests, he has just become a Ch for Champion!  The Fab Four are super proud of their handsome daddy. 


If you are interested in a Glen puppy, please read here.  Thanks to all of you who have emailed.  I'm sorry if I've not replied yet - I'm working my way through the Inbox in chronological order.

I'll keep you all Pupdated, with plenty of photos.

Stained Tree
Stained Fox


1 October 2021 - Norfolk, UK