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Teagan: Irish

Tadgh meaning poet...

unique, amazing and beautiful...

Teamhrach Teagan

Born: 19|01|2018



Sky's first born was also the first to leave us.

Her lovely new family are Christine and Padraig Maguire, together with Meg the Jack Russell and two cats!  Teagan has the choice of two beautiful homes, one of which is back home in Ireland.  She has already settled in to her luxurious new bed and has her own teddy!

More updates to follow.


Teagan Maguire appears to have acquired just a few more toys and has been putting the Roadster through its paces.  That face says it all!

We're not sure if it has something to do with that invigorating Irish air, but Teagan seems to have grown so quickly.  She has enjoyed her first trip home to Ireland and has settled in very well.  It comes as no surprise to hear that Teagan has been quick to learn and we are certain she will be Top Dog at her first puppy class! 

Teagan's growth spurt continues apace, judging by these latest photos!  A beautiful girl.  She has enjoyed some lovely walks and has been busy helping in the garden, although we're not sure that potting plants is really her forte.  Teagan has also found a fun new playmate in the shape of a small human!  There have been games of chase around the garden, and it looks as though Teagan has made a friend for life.

Well, it's been a busy first year for Teagan!  Having recently turned one year old, she has blossomed into a beautiful dog.  Her best friend in the whole world is little Meg.  It's quite touching to hear how inseparable they are.  Gentle Teagan has proved to be a loyal companion and protector.  Christine tells me that Teagan is something of a celebrity in Nonsuch Park, which is no surprise to us!  Naturally, she elicits fascination and affection wherever she goes.  Must be that curiously irresistible Glen charm and quiet charisma! 

Teagan has sailed through puppy classes and is hoping to try Agility this year - Glen-style!  She has now perfected The Glen Sit, after months of hard training spent lounging on the sofa!  There have been doggy shows and a second prize for the cutest eyes - surely a no-brainer?  We can only assume that the winner was exceedingly cute indeed.  Teagan also has a hectic social life, but family is everything to her and she is much loved.  With so many fabulous photos, we've struggled to pick just a few.  And once again, we find ourselves transfixed by how like Sky she is.  


We just had to share these gorgeous photos of Teagan enjoying the glorious February sunshine.  She had a wonderful time, exploring and climbing Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire recently.

We have a FIRST PRIZE folks!  Not just any old red rosette either, but awarded in the Terrier class at the Arva Agricultural Show, back home in Ireland this summer.  Teagan is officially Top Terrier.  High praise indeed!  Huge congratulations to Christine and beautiful Teagan.  

We love Teagan's new kaleidoscopic collar and lead.  They are made by a dog-loving lady called Janice.

Teagan | Arva Show | Summer 2019 |

We LOVED catching up with Christine, Padraig and Teagan recently.  She thoroughly enjoyed reuniting with her Sister!  They both had fun messing about by the river.  It was just joyful to watch them play together. 


We were also thrilled to meet the adorable little Meg.  Very touched to hear how Teagan has cured her doggy depression.


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