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At nine weeks old, that time has finally come.  We have said a teary goodbye to Sky's first born, beautiful baby blue Teagan.  We shall be keeping up-to-date with her progress and can't wait to hear how she is settling in with her lovely new family.  And now we are six!

At ten weeks old, we have waved yet another teary goodbye to Sky's beautiful baby, Blue Pearl.  We can't wait to hear all about her adventures with her fantastic new family.  Both blues will always hold a special place in our hearts and we see so much of Sky in each of them.

Jo with Blue Pearl 2018 |

Well, we're having quite a weekend of it, with two more fond farewells to contend with.  Sky's star, Rock Steady Beat, has left us for Romainville to join his Daddy, Rock Buster.  We shall follow his progress closely and hope to see him shine bright. 

We also said goodbye to Sky's beautiful baby boy, Fintan.  We had affectionately nicknamed him Bear, as he is just so incredibly soft and cuddly.  His new family are wonderful and we are glad he has found the loving home he deserves.  We look forward to keeping in touch with Helen and hearing all about his new life.  And then there were three!

This is all for you, Mum

Thank you

Plenty more Pupdates to come, but we would both like to pause for breath and thank everyone who has joined us on this amazing journey so far.  We're grateful to Kathy George for her ongoing help and expertise.  A big thank you to Auntie Pat and Mother Capon and friends for their supply of towels!  And heartfelt hugs to "Auntie" Joëlle for being there.

But mostly we'd like to thank the lovely people who chose to invest their time and emotion in us and our quirky little dogs.  You are now Team Tara Glen ambassadors, and we couldn't hope for more.

We are eleven weeks old and enjoying our garden time very much.  Sky has had fun trying to teach the three of them how to play, although they still prefer unsuitable sticks and stones to their relatively expensive Kong® toy.  Apart from little Clodagh!  She loves playing with her two brothers and is very close to mum. 

Bye, bye Buster!  We've both got very attached to Sky's special boy.  A happy soul, he is so affectionate and a real character.  Buster has found the perfect new owner and we shall enjoy hearing all about his exploits

More fun and photos in the garden!  The Terrible Two are both still unsuitable-stick-seeking-missiles, despite my best efforts to distract them.  It doesn't help that their mother keeps finding the sticks I've hidden and chewing them in front of her offspring. 

At nearly twelve weeks old, we have said a final fond farewell to Sky's beautiful boy, Fragarach.  He reflects our personal Manx connection, Fragarach being the name of Manannan's sword, 'The Answerer', which was used to fight Finn McCool.  Finn lost his cool and a small piece of rock landed in the Irish Sea and became Ellan Vannin.  Frag has left us for a family who share our passion for 'Glennies' and we look forward to following his new life.  And now we are one!

©Jo Capon 2018 | Sky and Fragarach |
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