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A big shout out for the EFG FUN DAY DOG SHOW on Saturday 21 July 2018.  A small and friendly annual gathering of Glen enthusiasts, it promises to be an informal and informative weekend; with the emphasis on fun as the name suggests.  There is the chance to show off your Glen with a variety of classes, including one for puppies age 6-12 months!  Contact Jean Rogers at EFG on +44 (0)1205 820791 for more details | Eye testing will also be available between 09:30-16:00 on the day | Please pre-book an appointment with Jean.  

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June 2018 - Norfolk, UK


21 July 2018

Some exciting news: we have Buster staying with us for a few days!  He fancied a mini-break by the seaside and we were happy to oblige.  Check out the latest Pupdates and photos.


A significant day worthy of note:  Sky turned four on 2 May!  She celebrated in style with a kipper and one delicious piggy ear.  Watching the puppies grow has reminded us of our first week with Sky.  She was four months old and spent the first few days sleeping off the trip from Ireland.  Hard to believe that her puppies will be that same age later this month.  Huge thanks to Team Tara for your awesome photos and updates.  We enjoy soaking up your happy vibes and feeling the Glen love!

Sky was the perfect puppy, apart from a couple of minor misdemeanours.  After showering her with toys one day, I had stupidly left a treasured, ancient teddy bear within reach.  Having survived generations of destructive kids relatively unscathed, poor Ted's luck finally ran out after one brief but brutal encounter with a Glen of Imaal terrier puppy!

jo capon

May 2018 - Norfolk, UK

©Jo Capon 2014 | Sky's first day |

We have waved our final fond farewell to all but one of Sky's first litter.  I simply said 'All done!' to Sky as the last puppy left, and she immediately understood that Clodagh was for keeps.  Did I mention that Glens were smart?  An unexpected upside has been watching the two of them together, and we realise just how much Sky needed another Glen for company.  We'll miss watching her lead the puppies around the garden like Night With Her Train of Stars, though.

If you had asked us back in February whether we would have another litter, our answer would have been a resounding no!  The deafening din of seven whining puppies at dawn, and the sense of failure each time the pen would be cleaned, only to need cleaning again, will stay with me forever.  But so will the pure elation and joy as our extraordinary Glen of Imaal terrier delivered her first litter of beautiful puppies.  So many life-affirming moments followed in quick succession, we have yet to fully process it all. 

We want to reiterate an enormous THANK YOU to the lovely folk who took a leap of faith, and invested their time and emotion in us and our quirky little dogs.  You are now Team Tara Glen ambassadors and we couldn’t hope for more.  Your enthusiasm and encouragement has helped shape our journey in such a positive way.  And what a journey! 

Thanks again to Kathy George at Romainville for her support and expertise.  We look forward to following Bumbling Bertie’s progress

We hope to have another litter with Sky next year.  She'll tell us when she is ready.  And perhaps later, with Clodagh too.  We would also love our own stud dog!  For now, we'll keep you updated about Sky and how the first Tara Glens go forth.  The future seems bright and Glen-shaped!

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April 2018 - Norfolk, UK

James Cabourne Nevision St Kitts

©Jo Capon 2018 | With Buster |

It’s going to be another busy month!  The puppies are almost fully weaned and have been wormed and bathed.  Sky is still a doting mum and checks in on them regularly.  Having shared much of the sleep-deprivation, euphoria and sheer slog that caring for the new born entails, we have bonded on a whole new level.  To quote Jerry Maguire, each day has been an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege.  And to misquote him: 'That's not a Puppy Pen, that's a Quentin Tarantino movie!'

I did worry that Sky might feel excluded as the puppies’ needs were met, but not a bit of it.  Her tail wags playfully as she gently nudges each one, whilst they tumble and wriggle with delight.  She really is extraordinary and amazing.  A beautiful dog. 

I make no apology for using this opportunity to big it up for the Glen of Imaal TerrierThe Kennel Club recently voiced concern, with a stark warning that rare native breeds are in danger of being forgotten.  48 Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies were registered last year, which is a drop of almost 40%.  Only a small number will go on to breed.  A baffling statistic, particularly when some of the most popular breeds in the UK are often the most badly behaved.  I pity the apologetic owners I meet, on daily walks with my affable Glen.  It can't be much fun walking an antisocial dog!  


Crufts should give this charismatic breed the chance to gain wider exposure and shine like the stars they are.  Go Glens! 

With this in mind, can I put an urgent call out to any talented artists or designers?  There is a desperate shortage of quality Glen of Imaal Terrier merchandise compared with other breeds.  Some tasteful pottery and greetings cards would be a good start.  And to all those purveyors of fine dog products planning their next marketing campaign - you're missing a trick!  

For all quirky dog lovers - check out Wes Anderson's new film ISLE OF DOGS Click here for a delightful twist if you're planning to go see it.

Don’t forget St Patrick’s Day on 17 March.  It was back in 1934 at the St Patrick’s Day Show in Dublin that the Glen of Imaal Terrier was first recognised as a breed.  Sláinte mhaith!

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March 2018 - Norfolk, UK

She’s only gone and done it!  Sky began whelping at 09:30 on 19 January.  She was amazing throughout and is very gentle and attentive.  Sky lavished her last puppy with the exact same love and affection as the first, despite being utterly shattered.  We were both emotional wrecks, although Pete maintains he had something in his eye when the first puppy tumbled into this world!

Sky has a healthy appetite and all pups are growing exponentially.  More Pupdates and photos to come.

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January 2018 - Norfolk, UK

Happy New Year!  Sky is in the latter stages of her pregnancy now and is positively blooming.  She has become more clingy and enjoys her daily back massage and tummy rub.  Her waddle is more pronounced now too:  If you have ever experienced the life-affirming joy of watching a Glen run, you will know that they usually move with all the grace of a pygmy hippo in a tutu at the best of times.  I say this with love in my heart!

jo capon

January 2018 - Norfolk, UK


Sky got together recently with the magnificent Rock Buster at Romainville.  All being well, we hope to be expecting to hear the patter of not-so-tiny paws in January 2018.  It's not going to be easy to spot the first signs of pregnancy, when your dog is slightly pot-bellied anyway and prone to mood swings! 

As you can see, Buster is a real superstar.  We are very grateful to Kathy George for her invaluable expertise; and we think that her beautiful dogs speak for themselves. 

I'll keep you updated with Sky's progress.

jo capon

December 2017 - Norfolk, UK

Rock Buster at Romainville |


Image thanks to Kathy George at Romainville

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