Happy 2020


Sky and Clodagh are both enjoying the early spring sunshine!  We welcome the longer days and mild weather. 


Having just turned two, poor Clode will have to wait another year to experience the joy of snow.  I feel almost guilty that she has been denied the proper white stuff once again.  Such a deprived puppyhood! 

A wonderful walk in sunny Suffolk recently, which blew the cobwebs away.  Sky and Clodagh loved exploring Gunton Warren, with their usual intrepid enthusiasm!

Apologies for some fuzzy photos - all thanks to an ancient mobile phone!

Greetings lovely Glen lovers!  Spring is most definitely in the air. 


In the spirit of optimistic forward-thinking, we have reluctantly succumbed to cropping Sky's beautiful blue locks.  Her coat is rapidly regrowing, but we have a summer litter in mind, all being well.  A clipped coat will be more comfortable for her.  She has just come into season, you see...


And in the spirit of BOGOF, we opted to give poor Clodagh a bruiser haircut too.  We will grow most of her coat out again, as we are rather fond of that cuddly teddy bear look.  She is less hirsute, but still super cute.

Massive THANKS to all of you for your emails and your interest in Sky.  I promise to keep everyone on the Waiting List updated with her progress.  Of course, we are not in the driving seat.  Mother Nature is!   

Well, we’ve had quite a weekend of it.  Sky's boyfriend came to stay with us!

Thankfully, love at first sight was mutual and the two love birds only had eyes for each other.  They frolicked happily in the garden together for hours.  Sky was just magnificent throughout; so beautiful and confident.  She pranced flirtatiously in the spring sunshine and presented herself as if to say ‘Yes, I know I’m gorgeous.’  I could swear that she coquettishly fluttered her long eyelashes in his general direction. 


Boyfriend was understandably smitten.  Having gained the approval of his prospective in-laws, he promptly whisked Sky away for a romantic mini-break.  Nice touch.  The whole encounter is best imagined with Jane and Serge’s amorous Je t’aime as the soundtrack. 


We just hope that Mother’s Day was an apt date for their coupling.  Watch this space…more information to come - and photos - all being well.

With three a crowd and unable to play gooseberry, Clodagh had to endure her own form of self-isolation for a while.  By which I mean she was slightly less free-range than normal, until our lovely soft-natured house guest with impeccable manners had left.  Being a gregarious Glen, Clodagh experienced FOMO big time.  An enormous chewy treat could only placate her for so long.





How are we all doing?  THANK YOU so much for your kind messages.  I remain high risk and we are effectively locked-down for the foreseeable.  I'll keep you all posted with any NEWS.

Sky is looking GOOD.  After last year, we are cautiously optimistic.  It's still a little too early to tell for sure.  But she looks...good.  Photographic evidence below.

Meanwhile, Buster has been keeping us entertained from afar!  BIG THANKS to Tina for these recent photos.  We send positive thoughts to all our Glen friends.

Hello  Folks.


I'm sorry we have disappointing news:  Sky is NOT pregnant. 


We were encouraged by the excellent mating, which took place over three days under the expert eye of a renown Glen breeder.  Sky appears in rude health and is once again oblivious to the collective weight of expectation.  Still, we shall have her thoroughly checked over as soon as we can.


Sky's physique has changed since her first litter, so it has been difficult to say for sure one way or the other.  She also displayed many of the signs of pregnancy, including swollen, lactating teats.  We had to assume that we were simply expecting a smaller litter.  Sadly, this was not the case. 

We have spoken with several breeders who confirm that Glens do have form at faking it.  I remain convinced that this is rooted in their innate desire to please us!

We are both still very keen to continue our small venture.  We hope that next year will bring an addition to our family.  And Clodagh continues to blossom into a beautiful, soft-natured dog.

We'll keep the website updated and let you know our future puppy plans.

jo & PETE

27 May 2020 - Norfolk, UK




Same landscape, different day!  Whilst Sky and Clodagh have enjoyed some walks further afield with Pete, we've still not managed to make it to the beach en famille

Like many high-riskies, I'm emerging from the lock-down like a hesitant hedgehog.  Clearly, five months of hibernation has taken its toll, if these latest photos are anything to go by!

Sky and Clodagh both failed spectacularly at posing together for the camera, despite being bribed with copious treats.  There's no pulling the wool over their eyes.  A proper beach beckons!


Bucket & Spade


Sky and Clodagh had a short-back-and-sides in the nick of time.  Their clipped coats have helped to keep them cool during a tropical heatwave.  We've been enjoying our paddles in the Broads and making friends at the beach - photos promised before the end of the month!


Clodagh's daily patrol of the garden has alerted us to several mouse nests.  We're both fascinated by one cute and cocky field mouse in particular.  I'm flattered he thinks my garden is a field!  Clodagh also fancies herself as a cricket hunter, with limited success. 


We know of many other Glens who make excellent pest-controllers.  Unwanted long-tails are dispatched with all the constraint and compassion of a hungry cheetah eyeing up a fat gazelle.  As are frogs, apparently.  Poor Kermit...croaked...


Seriously though, we would have loved one of Sky's first litter to be a working dog.  But no one approached us for a puppy.  Glen of Imaal terriers are uniquely suited to the task.  They are knee-deep-in-mud tenacious and have an innate desire to please you; to be useful.  Five hundred years of socialising with humans must count for something!

BIG THANKS to TinaFor these fantastic photos below of Buster's happy hunting, messing about in the river.  I think he must have built a dam with all that digging.  Knee-deep-in-mud tenacious.  Just how we like it.  Dam Buster!