Happy New Year! 



 Tara  Glens !

My how time flies!  Clodagh, Margot, Teagan, Baloo, Bertie, Buster and Jeff all turn TWO on 19 January.


It's official!  Glen of Imaal terriers really do make the world a better place! 


Yep, we're immensely proud of Sky's first litter and we bask in their reflected glory.  From glossy photo-shoots, red rosettes and joyful reunions, to making Glen friends and giving Glen Hugs; they continue to bring happiness to all.  Heartfelt thanks to Team Tara for sharing the Glen love.  And for helping to spread the Glen word.

I'm still dreaming of a proper reunion for us all - watch this space!  Any suggestions gratefully received.


We remain in awe of Sky, our extraordinary Glen of Imaal terrier.  Her second-and-last litter is planned for this summer, all being well.

jo capon

January 2020 - Norfolk, UK

Sky's first litter 2018 |


Each day was an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege...

and I loved every minute!



Waiting for the Puppy Pen to be cleaned

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