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SkyClodagh and Florence wish you all a brilliant 2022.  We're still basking in the reflected happiness of last year!

We've been following the progress of Team Tara, in this strange new Metaverse we all now inhabit.  Big THANKS to Kim for the beautiful portraits of Séamus Dub Dub at seven months old.  My how time flies by.  More fabulous photos on his puppy page.

How lovely to hear from Jess:  Chief completed his first Great Christmas Trek spreading comfort and joy across the land.  He clocked up a fair few miles boxing the compass.  What an absolute trooper.  Chief particularly enjoyed a nocturnal leg-stretcher, stick in mouth, to help the humans test-drive a skateboard and some new roller skates from Santa.  Much festive fun had by all. 

A nice update from Mary, too.  Reassuring to know that Brahn remains irresistibly prone to mischievous misdemeanors.  This is of course entirely different to wilful disobedience.  Possibly something to do with the big fat dollop of Irish charm that goes with it.

Florence continues to entertain us with her relentless campaign of destruction.  Not content with demolishing the usual array of sticks and chew bones, she soon progressed to dog beds, furniture and expensive human footwear.  She compensates by being absurdly affectionate and tactile.  I keep trying to tell her off, but we end up cuddling instead.  Hopeless.


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Wendy Tobijanski and Ch Romainville Becks Blue For Zippor.  He has just qualified for the Vulnerable Native Breeds class at Crufts!  We wish them both much love and luck.  Naturally, the pups are super proud of their talented dad.


Pine Cone 4
Drawing of Hedgehog

Baloo     Bertie    Buster  Clodagh


   Jeff    Margot    Teagan

Sky's MAGNIFICENT SEVEN turned four on 19 January 2022.  Four!  I still think of them as puppies.

We send love and thanks to Team Tara, for including us on your amazing journeys.  And we look forward to planning a reunion this year - paws crossed.

How wonderful to receive a Pupdate from Deb & Edd, with some terrific photos of beautiful Margot.  As usual, we are spoilt for choice.  And we can't get over how like her Mum Margot is.  I've said it a thousand times because it's true.

Margot was taken to her favourite pet shop to choose a birthday treat.  This did require a degree of supervision, with so many tempting delicacies on offer.  Margot managed to leave happy with one enormous bone to chew on.  Life is good!


Enjoy The Birdsong