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Baby Blue
Sky as a puppy
Image: thanks to Stiúbhard Glens


If you are interested in owning a Glen of Imaal terrier puppy, please contact Jo, preferably by email.



Glens go forth!  See how the puppies progress in the wider world.

There are currently two Teamhrach dogs  AT STUD.

We own the beach
©Jo Capon 2018 |

All Teamhrach puppies will be:

  • Registered with the UK Kennel Club with five-generation pedigree*

  • Registered with Glen Footprints

  • Vaccinated for the first time

  • Wormed

  • Microchipped

  • Insured for one month*

*We eventually received all correct paperwork from the Kennel Club for our last litter born in June 2021  - in February 2023.  What a dog's dinner! 

Grey Wood
Teamhrach Teagan 2018 | Image thanks to Christine Maguire |
Girl with Flower
Girl with Flower


I’d do anything for a Glen.

Walk to County Wicklow 

And back again.

I’d write a silly song

For a pup who isn’t born.

Yes, I’d do anything for a Glen.


So tell me, breeder, what to do?

Court you, bring you flowers,

Send you food.

I’’ll write a silly song

To help a mum along.

Dear breeder, please tell me what to do?


I’d do anything for a Glen.

Once you’ve held one,

There’s no going back again.

A Scottie is too soon,

When I saw a Glen I knew,

I’d do anything for a Glen.  

©Nina Clarke 2022

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