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Hello Autumn


Sky and Clodagh are both finding ways to compensate for the dull days and miserable mizzle.  Sky looks bloominig marvellous and still enjoys her daily meander.  The waddle is certainly more pronounced now and she is not quite her usual elegant and graceful self.  I'm sorry, did someone just snigger in a hurtful way?  Oh, and Clodagh continues to roll in fox poo.  Yay!

We all had an absolutely joyful afternoon recently when we caught up with Christine and Padraig.  It was lovely to meet the adorable little Meg; and such a thrill to be reunited with beautiful TeaganClodagh was equally delighted, and the two sisters played rough-and-tumble for hours.  

Before Teagan came along, poor Meg had been in a deep doggy depression and was mourning the loss of her beloved companion.  We're quite touched to hear that Teagan has given Meg a new lease of life and they are utterly inseparable.

It was also nice to swap Glen stories.  Reassuring to discover that our two are not the only Glens to shun retrieving their own ball on a walk, preferring instead to chase down and steal another dog's ball from across the far end of the park.  Worse, the ball no longer resembles a perfect orb and is usually returned to its rightful owner in pieces.  Glad we're not the only ones to endure that apologetic walk of shame!

I'll keep you updated about Sky.


Not long to go now!  We have been nesting on Sky's behalf: The Puppy Pen has been reassembled and the airing cupboards of Hornchurch are depleted of towels, THANKS to Grandma Capon and friends!  

Sky gave the Pen a sniff and wagged her tail, which is a good sign.  I'm far more nervous than she is!

SKY | | October 2019

Where to start?  Oh dear.  Red faces all round!  Not quite sure how to put this, so here goes:


Despite having swollen teats, increased appetite and a much larger tummy than normal - with movement! - it now transpires, after an anxious trip to the vet for a scan, that Sky is NOT PREGNANT...


We are reassured that she is in perfectly rude health.  Glens do have form at faking it, according to other breeders.  I suspect it has something to do with the Glen's innate desire to please us!


We can only offer heartfelt apologies to all those expectant people on our List.  We're so sorry to have got your hopes up.  If it's any consolation, I have given Sky a good talking to for causing all this fuss.  She's on a strict diet now, after living it up on high-calorie kibble for the past two weeks. 


We are gradually starting to see the funny side, and hope you will too.  For a while though, we were very worried about her.


Please be assured that we will immediately pass your details on to other reputable UK breeders with a planned litter, if you wish.  I'll contact you in the next day or so.


And as for our future puppy plans: Once I lay down in a darkened room for a week to recover, we hope very much to try again when Sky is next in season.



19 October 2019

A happy Monday for Sky and Clodagh recently.  'Auntie' Joëlle and Rob came to visit.  Both girls loved having another male in the pack!  And they thoroughly enjoyed all the extra treats and attention.