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Your memories went a-wandering

Like fleeting dreams in flight.

Carried on a fairy's wing,

They fluttered out of sight.

But the love of a daughter

Is strong and true.

And Mum,

It burns so bright for you.

I am the sun on your face

And the stars at night.

©Joanna Tait Capon

Mary Chubb Tait | Stevenage, Cockayne Hatley, Abbotsley, Royston and Laxey |
Matty and Jo | Chibbanagh 2015
Father and Son | For Mum |

Mum at her happiest

With her beloved Grandson, Son and Daughter; and Dogs

Chibbanagh, Isle of Man | 2015


This is all for you, Mum.

Because your dementia sadly prevented you from ever seeing this website, or basking in our reflected happiness.  And I know you would have wanted to be part of it all, if you could.  You would be so very proud!  Sky was everything you believed a dog should be.  She licked my tears dry.  And she died on your birthday.

This is all for you, Mum, because this is who we are.  We're the sort of people who send cards to and from the dog.  We feed the animals before ourselves.  We choose character and a kind face over show-ring perfection.  Every time.  We always take the dog's side and we always ask nicely.  If a dog is disgruntled, disobedient or downright sad, we want to know the reason why. 


This is who you were.

I love you with all of my heart.  We miss you every day, especially the warmth and laughter.  And we grieve for the person dementia has stolen. 


I treasure the many dog-walks and talks we shared.  Not even the breathtaking Manx hills and glens could silence our chatter.  Thank you for showing me the joy of dogs, especially scruffy ones.

Your daughter



Jo Tait Capon | 1988 | Copperfields, Royston |

Jo (kneeling) with Albert 

Our beloved Bearded Collie

Copperfields, Royston | January 1988

Sky's first litter arrived under the same kitchen table exactly 30 years later.  Mum took the photo.

Mum's maternal Aunt Doris age 100

With Sky | December 2016

Doris died on Mum's birthday in January 2018.  A real livewire and dog-lover, she rode her Triumph T3 to the Isle of Man TT and met Guthrie.

Mary Tait | Cockayne Hatley | Abbotsley | Royston | Isle of Man |

Mum with Albert

Aira Force, Glenridding, Lake District

With the sun on your beautiful face  c.1990

With Mum 1968.JPG
White Flower

Mother & Daughter


Image by Jonathan Borba
Lucky Black COVID Cat 😸

For Billy 

Mum's half-brother

  We wish we had known you

Per ardua ad astra


For Grandma

For everything.  For your abundant love.

For Mr Loveday's Little Outing; and Yehudi Menuhin's Swan Lake, Part 2.

You bore the pain of loss and betrayal with such grace.  

You were loved.  And we miss you so very much.

The more  people

I  meet

The more I like 

my DOG

GLENS IN LAVENDER | Buster | Pam & Bob Langrish | July 2019 |


A nod to one of your favourite films, Mum

Image of Buster thanks to Tina ©Pam & Bob Langrish | July 2019

Sky | April 2020 🐾


Everything you believed a dog should be, Mum

©Jo Capon 2016 | Achallagan, Braaid
Lighthouse Point of Ayre © Jo Capon 2016

As the rain stopped

A last precious lucid moment shared

Braaid, Isle of Man | 2016


To guide you in the storm

Point of Ayre, Isle of Man | 2015

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