Buster partied hard on his first birthday with a plethora of doggy treats!   He has also embraced the new year with a smart new look, just in time for Valentine's Day.  With romance clearly in the air, Buster enjoyed a thorough pampering at the salon and emerged properly hand-stripped and pedicured.  He now looks even more handsome - if that were possible!  

Buster went on another charm offensive recently to the Dorset coast.  He absolutely loved his beach time and managed a doggy paddle in the sea.  He's been enjoying the warmer weather, and keeping busy in the garden doing important Glen stuff.  Probably contemplating how to redesign that patio again!


Reflecting the current mood of the nation, Buster has expressed his frustration with politics and voting - Glen style - as Tina's Polling Card will testify.  Gone to the dogs, literally.  Love it!  Buster for PM!



Buster recently enjoyed a day at the races, at a local point-to-point.  Glens love horses.  They really do.  We noticed it that first day with Sky at Laytown.  All the Glens in our company were fascinated by the beach racing, and were very keen to make equine friends.  Sky still is!  She greets every horse with a waggy tail and never barks.  It must be the Irish in 'em!


Congratulations to Tina for taking what could possibly be Photo of The Year.  Captions on a postcard please!  Good job Del Boy was off flogging his wares to the punters, and didn't notice Buster cocking a leg at his three-wheeler...

Buster's hectic social life has taken another exciting turn.  He recently had a Photo Shoot with brilliant dog photographers Pam and Bob Langrish.  Please do check out their website.  The camera clearly loves Buster almost as much as we do!  I guess he has his mother to thank for those photogenic good looks!  A massive THANK YOU to Tina for sharing Buster's fabulous modelling portfolio with us.