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Teamhrach Fragarach

Born: 19|01|2018


Sire:  Rock Buster at Romainville

Dam: Ballyclare Sky

PRA (crd-3) status: Clear

D | B








Sky's special boy was the last to leave us and we'll miss him.


His lovely new family live in Hertfordshire.  They share our passion for the breed and have owned Glens for years.  We must have spent hours talking all things 'Glennie'!  Baloo now has a brilliant new "mum" in the shape of Diva, a beautiful wheaten girl.  

Fragarach: Manx

The Answerer was Manannan's sword:

He fought with Finn McCool; a small piece of rock landed in the Irish Sea and became Ellan Vannin... 

AT STUD Teamhrach Fragarach | Glen of Imaal Terrier | Puppy photo from 2018
AT STUD Teamhrach Fragarach | Glen of Imaal Terrier | Puppy photo from 2018

Baloo has settled in a treat.  Diva loves him and they are already best friends.  Baloo has been to the vet, who also fell in love with him, and he weighs in at a very respectable 16lb.  Baloo, not the vet!

Baloo and Diva have been catching some rays in the garden.  He's such a handsome boy and they look so good together!

We love these new photos of Baloo!  What is it with Glens and plant pots?  They either want to eat them or sit in them!  We always get that feelgood factor watching Glens sleep, whether on their front or back.  Nice to see that Baloo has opted for the classic on-the-back, letting-it-all-hang-out pose.

Oh Baloo!  How gorgeous are you?  At six months old, he really is a handsome fella.  Good to see that Diva and Baloo are both keeping their cool in the heatwave!  And Baloo is still finding entertaining ways to sleep!

Pete was thrilled to be reunited with Baloo recently!  At nearly one and a half years old, Sky's boy has really started to grow into those substantial Glen bones.  Super-cuddly and soppy as anything - like an enormous teddy bear - he certainly lives up to his name!  Absolutely gorgeous and very charismatic. 


Exciting news, as Diva and Baloo are now officially a couple!  Adam is tentatively planning a litter for 2019-2020.  We're keeping everything crossed for them.  Although Baloo could do with a talk about the birds and the bees, judging by these latest photos!

Diva + Baloo


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